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Welcome to the Instant Standards Download Store. This is an official outlet specifically created to enable instant and easy download of standards and support materials direct to your PC, PDA or mobile device.

We offer a range of major standards, all supplied in PDF format. These can be purchased directly online and then downloaded straight to your computer (or other suitable device). To ease this process even further for smaller devices this webstore is clean and simple to navigate, with no large graphics or other impediments.

Whether you are purchasing from the offices of a major corporation, or whilst in transit via a portable device, you should be able to obtain your documentation swiftly and easily.

How to Purchase and Download

This couldn't really be easier. Simply navigate to the page representing the standard you wish to obtain and select the purchase link. Then simply enter your purchase details.

As soon as the transaction is confirmed (normally a few seconds) you will be provided with download details for the standard or document. Then, simply download this to your computer or device.

The Standards

Currently, we offer standards from the major series of standards listed on the left. However, this range will be expanded gradually, to offer a full complement of the major standards.

We Are Here To Help

If you need any assistance with respect to a standard, or need any help whatsoever, please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact page (see left panel). We are here to help.

Simple, Convenient and Instant Access to Standards


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